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Liven Up Your Space with an Indoor Garden

While the calendar may say it is spring outside, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. If you are getting tired of the winter blahs it may be time to spruce up your space with an indoor garden. Read on for tips to green up your digs.

Why an Indoor Garden?

Setting up an indoor garden may not be something you have thought about in the past, but there are many benefits to doing so. Not only do plants help clean the air in your home, but they can provide you with fresh herbs and vegetables all year. Indoor gardening can be especially beneficial to those without dedicated outdoor space and those living in the city. Sometimes planting indoors is just a way to get a jump on your outdoor planting. Whatever the reason, getting your garden going is a great idea.

Setting up the Space

Creating your indoor garden can take up as much or as little space as you want it to. If you are challenged for space, don’t forget about shelves or a vertical garden. Once you have identified your desired planting area, start thinking about how you want to display your plants. There are many options for cute pots and planters or you can look for something unique that you can repurpose to hold your plants. If the space you are wanting to use does not have the best light, you can also look for kits that include lights to help your plants grow without being in the sunlight.

What to Grow

Choosing the plants for your space will be a very personal decision. When you start your search, look for plants that will fit with the space and location you have chosen and that work with your goals. Are you looking to add color and style to your home? Look for flowering plants or succulents. Looking to grow herbs and vegetables? Try small pots of basil, mint, chives and sage or go big with tomatoes, spinach and zucchini. Whatever you chose make sure to research their water and light needs to ensure your success.

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